Pottery Throw down

Pottery Wheel Throwdown

A One Hour experience – Cost is £45 each

The ideal taster course for all those people watching the Great Pottery Throw Down’ on Channel 4 on Sunday’s.

We have 5 Wheels, so five people accommodated at any one time.

Everyone gets to learn how to make their own pot in stoneware – You can throw a pot such as a bowl, vase, plant pot, dog bowl

Once you have have completed your pot, you have a choice of 10 stoneware glazes that we will dip it in after it has been fired. It is then re fired to 1300 degrees making the pot oven microwave and frost proof.

Stoneware is the creme de le creme of clay! The stoneware colours are beautiful and the pot is so strong it will last a life time.

This course has to be on everyone’s bucket list !!!

Either come on your own or bring some friends.

The one hour sessions are fixed dates once a month at weekends

See below for the fixed dates available