So I am planning to do a Christmas advent type blog each week in December. I was discussing this with Rachel the other day.  We talked about what I could discuss in the blog so you had news and information of what we were getting up to over the festive period.

Blog Plan

The plan is to start the blogs on the 1st of December so each one will represent a week in the life of a pottery/ceramic studio in the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. This will be hopefully be with lots of Christmassy photos.

In the studio this week

This week in the studio we have had a lady called Claire who is planning to open her own studio in the New Year. She has spent two full days with Rachel learning as much as she can from her.  Any of you who know her  will know that Rachel is a wealth of knowledge. She will also continue to support you even when you have set up your business.

We talked last night about all of the Christmas items we have on sale. As we are not on the high street we don’t get people coming past the studio.

So, as a result, we are planning a last-minute shopping day or days in Dec to encourage people to come and buy a gift for their friend or loved one.  Most of the hand made gifts are at half price which is a real saving.

Pottery experience Vouchers

I always wanted to have a go on a potters wheel and it didn’t disappoint when I eventually had a go on one of Rachels wheels. With her tutorage and patience I have made a few bowls and even a jug which I am very proud of.

I just wish my family were in Yorkshire as I would be buying them all vouchers to have a go.

Easy Christmas pressie.!!!

So go on be a Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore for the day – incidentally, we do have some masks so you can actually pretend to be them whilst you make yourself a lovely pot. And I am sure we could even have the music playing from the movie Ghost in the background.

Contact Rachel to order either on her  mobile no 07970793727 or you can order a voucher on the website.

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