Commissioned Pottery, Ceramics, Glass Painting & More

Rachel loves to do commissioned work. With 33 years of painting and making experience, there is not much she has not done. Commissions can be done on the Pottery Wheel, or hand built as well as on slip cast wear. we have lots of colours and glazes to suit everyone.



  • Wedding Favours
  • Cards
  • Hand and foot prints
  • Paintings
  • Glass painting
  • Wheel work
  • Slab work
  • Coiled work
  • Brush strokes
  • Wedding plates, Signature plates for all occasions
  • Christmas wear
  • Table wear
  • House plaques
  • Baby lamps and general gifts
  • Vouchers
  • Hand-painted cards
  • Garden pots and Cacti and Bonsai containers all can be made frost proof.

I am delighted with the jardinere that Rachel has crafted for me  It was a family heirloom, with the bottom of it being really old, but through the years its top had got broken and so was missing.   Rachel had the difficult task of blending the old with the new, making and matching a top for it.  It’s a credit to her craftmanship that the transition is seamless and what I’m now left with is a beautiful piece that I am so thrilled with.  I understand that Rachel fired the pot many times to ensure she got the right depth of colour.  She kept going until she was totally happy with the result.  She is a perfectionist, and a master craftsperson, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to you for if you were considering having a piece restored, or you were looking for a new piece for your home or business.   My thanks goes out to her for restoring this wonderful piece of my family’s history.

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