Commissioned Hand Made Pottery, Ceramics, & More

Rachel loves to do commissioned work. With 36 years experience of creating hand made and hand painted pottery, there is not much she has not done nor is there much that she is not able to do. Commissions can be done on the Pottery Wheel, or hand built as well as on slip cast pieces. In the studio Rachel has her own colour line which she sells and can adjust and design the colours to suit whatever she is creating.

Rachel can create things from scratch based on your ideas or alternatively can copy designs from existing pottery if you want to add to a collection.

Please do not hesitate to give her a call to discuss your commission or email her some design ideas.




  • Wedding Favours
  • Cards
  • Hand and foot prints
  • Paintings
  • Glass painting
  • Wheel work
  • Slab work
  • Coiled work
  • Brush strokes
  • Wedding plates, Signature plates for all occasions
  • Christmas wear
  • Table wear
  • House plaques
  • Baby lamps and general gifts
  • Vouchers
  • Hand-painted cards
  • Garden pots and Cacti and Bonsai containers all can be made frost proof.

Past Commissions

I am delighted with the jardinere that Rachel has crafted for me  It was a family heirloom, with the bottom of it being really old, but through the years its top had got broken and so was missing.   Rachel had the difficult task of blending the old with the new, making and matching a top for it.  It’s a credit to her craftmanship that the transition is seamless and what I’m now left with is a beautiful piece that I am so thrilled with.  I understand that Rachel fired the pot many times to ensure she got the right depth of colour.  She kept going until she was totally happy with the result.  She is a perfectionist, and a master craftsperson, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to you for if you were considering having a piece restored, or you were looking for a new piece for your home or business.   My thanks goes out to her for restoring this wonderful piece of my family’s history.

A few years ago my wife saw a beautiful custom made Jug with lemons hand painted on the side. She considered buying it but didn’t at the time. A day or two later we went back to the shop to buy it as she’d fallen in love with it. Unfortunately it had been sold and the shop couldn’t get another.
I thought I could have another made somehow and that it would make a fantastic surprise Christmas present for my wife. I contacted my local craft pottery shop but they said the skill needed to create what I wanted was above their ability. However they said that the lady they learned from did have the skill needed and I was given Rachel’s details.

I contacted Rachel and after sending her a design of what I was after she confirmed that she could not only create the Jug, but that it could be made on a potters wheel to add to the uniqueness. There was only a few weeks to Christmas but she said she would make it for me in time and complete the beautiful painting of lemons on it too!
As it turned out Rachel also made a beautiful bowl to go with it. Rachel’s contact throughout the process was excellent and she sent many photos during the development.

Rachel completed the most beautiful hand painted lemon Jug I could have hoped for and had it sent to me incredibly well protected so that it arrived safely.
On Christmas day my wife opened her surprise Christmas present and was dumbfounded for several minutes staring intently at it and looking at it all over. She was absolutely over the moon and couldn’t believe the level of beauty, detail and skill of her Lemon Jug. It now has pride of place on her Welsh Dresser, which believe me is really saying something!!

I can’t thank Rachel enough for making this dream come true for my wife and we’re now taking about asking Rachel if she can make a commemorative plate for our Son’s christening too!

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