High Temp Wire 17 gauge Kemper HTW


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High firing Kemper wire 17 gauge. This is used in wet clay and then fired in to hand things with such as handprints, house signs.

High Temp Wire can be used for larger or heavier support projects For kiln use with high temperatures. Stays strong in extreme heat over long periods of time. Used for any projects that require wire support in high temperatures of ceramic kilns; bottle sagging, bead supports, special stilts, element pins, kiln furniture, cone holders. This 17 gauge high-temperature steel wire contains no nickel and can be fired up to cone 5. Wire comes coiled in a length of 10 ft. per package. Ideal for use in pottery flat wear that are to be hung on a wall after firing such as baby prints. Can be cut into staples to support element wires that are coming loose.

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